01. Emily and Chris [cuddled] while they watched the movie.
02. The happy mother [cuddled] her new baby in her arms.
03. The little girl sat [cuddling] her kitten, and listening to it purr.
04. The young girl happily [cuddled] her new baby sister in her arms, and sang softly to her.
05. My host parents often like to [cuddle] while watching television.
06. The baby was [cuddling] his teddy bear as he fell asleep.
07. Koala bears look like such loveable, [cuddly] creatures.
08. Someone once said that great architecture serves to [cuddle] the people living in that space.
09. Since becoming single, rock star Mick Jagger says he spends most nights [cuddled] up to his hot water bottle.
10. There is a park in Brisbane, Australia where tourists can [cuddle] koalas, and hand feed kangaroos.
11. The young couple spent the evening [cuddling] on the sofa in front of the fireplace.
12. People in my culture never kiss and [cuddle] in public.
13. Mothers in Togo carry their babies on their back, feeding them whenever they're hungry, and [cuddling] them frequently.
14. [Cuddling] helps to keep polar bears warm.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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